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Create,  Customize  & Automate Approvals

Easily supervise all the approvals, authorizations, permissions, and requests in your organization to generate tangible business results quickly!

What is an Approval Management System?

An Approval Management System is the process of creating, reviewing, and managing approval workflow in an organization. When a work is created, it is reviewed by the authorized team before moving to the next step.

An approval management system streamlines this process with a systemized approach. It ends the hassle of manual approvals and outdated approaches and provides an automated approval framework.

Buopso CRM

Real-time visibility of all the approvals at one glance

View all the approvals of your organization's workflow types in a unified system. Manage budgets, project outlines, employee approvals, and much more. 

Actionable & Intuitive

Import information or create approval as per your choice. View all the permissions in List view and Kanban view & organize all operations.

Complete, Quick Overview

Oversee all the approvals happening right now and their immediate status. Get the full picture of all the approvals in one click.