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Your selection depends on your interview and you! We have a three-step analysis process that a candidate needs to undergo.

Our Pathway to Interview Process


After shortlisting your resume, you'll have a one-on-one conversation with an HR. This initial conversation will delve deeper into exploring your background and expertise through introductory questions.

Technical Round 1

After the HR discussion, you'll likely progress to a technical round focused on the specific role. Here, interviewers will assess your technical skills and knowledge relevant to the position.

Technical Round 2

Depending on the role, you might encounter a second technical round that builds upon the first. This deeper dive could involve specific technologies or frameworks to assess your in-depth knowledge.

Task/Machine Round

This round involves online coding assessments, take-home coding challenges, or simulations relevant to the job responsibilities. This allows them to evaluate your coding skills and problem-solving approach.

Managerial Round

In this round, the hiring manager will likely assess your potential, and ability to work collaboratively within the team. You might also discuss the projects you'd be working on and how your skills align with the team's needs.

HR Discussion

The interview concludes with a follow-up discussion with HR. This round typically focuses on salary expectations, benefits, and overall candidacy. HR representative may answer your inquiry about company culture, or benefits.

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Current Openings

React js Developer

Experience: 2+ Yr
Location: Noida

Node js Developer

Experience: 2+ Yr
Location: Noida

Product/Application Security Developer

Experience: 2+ Yr
Location: Noida

MERN Stack Developer

Experience: 2+ Yr
Location: Noida

SAAS Developer

Experience: 2+ Yr
Location: Noida

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