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One Dynamic  CRM  for all Customer Connections

An easy to use CRM software, Buopso takes customer interactions one step ahead.

Buopso CRM

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management is a centralized system where all the data related to your customers’ relationships and interactions is created, stored, and administered. 

With a CRM, the objective is clear – strengthening customer relationships. 

In the world of CRM, excellent customer relationships are attained using tools like deal management, contact management, etc.

Buopso CRM

Achieve a 360° view of all your customer interactions in one place

With Buopso CRM, go beyond managing customer relationships. Nurture, grow, and personalize every interaction to drive loyalty and growth.

Contact Management

A centralized site to store all customer information, enhancing collaboration. A common platform for improved teamwork in customer management.

Deal Management

Turn deal stages into decisions, dominate your pipeline in one look. Seizing up-selling and cross-selling potentials to your customers as they progress through each deal.

Task Management

Create, assign, and tasks given to your team related to all the deals. Organize workflows and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Data Analytics & Report

Real-time data at your convenience. Skillfully monitor your deal count, deal source, and customer count via multiple visual charts.