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The Basics of Approval Management System - What You Need to Know

If you are working with a big team or group of people, where your work needs to get an official nod from a supervisor or senior.

Having delays and bottlenecks would be the last thing to ask for.

After all, it’s not worth crossing the finish line before getting the green light.

If the situation sounds similar, prioritizing approval management should be at the forefront of your mind.

Today, we are going to talk about the ABCs of approval management system.

What is an Approval Management?

Approval management is simply getting a work reviewed by an authorized person or a group of panels, to get the go-ahead.

It is the process of progressing important tasks, processes, transactions, and decisions to the next step for getting approval from the concerned authority.

It’s widely used in all industries, like approving purchase orders, and invoices before making payments in finance companies. Another example would be getting a thumbs-up from marketing teams for an email campaign, social media post, website copy, etc.

These are only a few illustrations, approval management is widely used in all companies like retail, education, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and wherever you work.

What is the approval process?

The approval process is the complete workflow required to ensure proper authorization before moving forward to the next stage. It consists of a set of predefined steps depending on the requirements of an organization.

The stages of the approval process

In this section, we’ll talk about the complete approval process, one by one.

Creating forms

The very first step should be having the right forms and fields with approval type, approver name, approval description, etc.

Every business has its custom fields that have all the necessary information to carry out.

Buopso’s approval management system lets you set up user-defined custom attributes with integrated features like adding departments and having both parallel and sequential approvals, for a seamless approval chain.

Making an action plan

The next step is creating a workflow in the approval management system. This automates all the requests - single or multiple.

To pull this off, first, the nature of the process is created, solely depending on the nature of the request.

Then, it’s made sure that the right people have been assigned the right authorities. It can be decision-makers who approve and at the same time send requests to the higher management.

For example, an employee Alex can submit a request in the AMS, and the approver Ron can check the same in real time. The latter can either approve, reject, or ask for any modification.

Once the task has been approved by Ron, He sends it to his senior Albert, who makes the final decision.

This simply speeds up the process be it highly complex, leaving no room for any roadblocks and obstacles.

Execute and Adapt

The final step is implementing the complete methodology in your organization. Closely monitoring the effectiveness of the ongoing system is key. 

Also, it helps you identify any missing link that’s hampering productivity because methods need to change as your company expands with time.

This is where Buopso’s approval management system helps in optimization, regardless of the size and growth of your business. It makes sure your team is at the top of your game, at every step.

Why is there even any need for an approval management system?

Though small teams use manual approvals or permission slips, large companies need a more comprehensive and structured framework. The approval management system handles this by eliminating the hassle of lost emails and chasing approvals, everything is stored in one system.

Every team member can view the process, reducing any delays or confusion. Easily transparent where the current request stands.

It further adheres to the company’s compliance policies by defining clear approval workflows.

How to put approval management into action?

In order to hit the ground running with your approval workflow, here are a few tips to get started at this very moment.

  • Identifying the tasks and works requiring approval, be it internal or external.

  • Determine the people involved in making approvals by figuring out the decision-makers involved.

  • Get a complete overview of the different stages, a task requires to undergo.

  • Share it with the right people in documentation

  • Implement it in the approval management software

What if I need an automated approval system?

Buopso’s approval management software makes hard decisions easy. It’s fully automated for your teams to started working right now.

Just create your team member’s profiles or enter them automatically using email, assign tasks, set approvers, and let the automated workflow begin.

Buopso’s approval management is just a click away. Don’t miss out on the essential tools and say goodbye to approval bottlenecks forever!

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