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BUOPSO: Finest CRM Software for Sales Success

Cataloged customer data, deal pipeline, task management, reminders, and lead source – All in one place.

A sales journey begins with attracting leads and ends with converting them into buyers.

A sales process is successfully executed after the drawn potential leads are transformed into paying customers. 


An understanding of human needs and behavior is crucial for salespeople. They realize and act on their prospects’ pain points, desires, preferences, resources, timelines, etc. Doing this gives a lot of data to salespeople. 


Managing this lot of data becomes profound using a CRM. CRM software does not just store; it organizes the process by improving the sales cycle and conversions. All the data comes with detailed analysis that guides towards optimizing better strategies.

Provides a complete overview of your business.

Never miss a single lead that comes your way.

Decision-making based on past data.

Streamlines and manages all your contacts.

Effective tracking of each stage in your sales pipeline.

Increases the efficiency and decreases the duration of the sales cycle.

Smoothly categorizes between warm leads and qualified leads.

Automate all tasks – emails, calls, etc.

Effective tag-making for easy searching.

Optimize strategies with sales forecasting.

Get scores based on successful lead conversions

Real-time data and analytics of complete management.

How CRM Helps Business?

Know the benefits of CRM software.

CRM software streamlines your business in the respective ways mentioned below

Customized Form Creation

Smoothly customize your lead collection forms by creating your category, label, and property. Capture and filter the precise data your business needs.

Unlimited User Administration

Not just ten or even a hundred, Buopso CRM comes with unlimited user creation features for maximum scalability and collaboration.

Manage Invoices Seamlessly

Buopso CRM makes the financial tasks effortless. Our invoice feature simplifies billing and track payments, ensuring swift financial management.

Data Analytics & Report

Real-time data at your convenience. Skillfully monitor your lead count, lead source, and customer count via multiple visual charts. 

Streamlined Customer Communication

Adequate follow-up is crucial; notes, meet, communicate. Enjoy features like Whatsapp integration and calendar scheduling for seamless customer interaction.

Deal Management

Improve sales process and conversions. Organize, track, maintain, and analyze the deals to identify the position of your customer in the pipeline.

Why BUOPSO is a game changer for your business?

I have been using Buopso for a while now. It’s worth the investment and has been an invaluable addition to our operations.

Alex Morgan

AM Digital

CRM software is a must-have for any business. With its centralized customer data and automated reporting, we’ve seen a significant boost in productivity.

Stacy Johnson

Rozo Inc.

The sales in my business have taken a giant leap. All because of the fact we were able to see all the prospect data integrated into one smooth manner. We could filter every prospect's stage and make decisions.

Steve Barson

Alex Corp.



  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps your business to attract leads, analyze their source, qualify, nurture them, and convert them into happy customers, all in a single suite. CRM software is like a powerful car engine that superpowers efficiency and drives performance.

  • Sales Process is the repeated, consecutive steps, one after another, that advance to complete the whole sales cycle. It involves lead prospecting, qualification, presentation, overcoming objections, deal closing, and follow-up. Buopso caters to all the components of your sales process with ease.

    Finest CRM Software for 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) aims to serve an efficient and complete sales workflow when a prospect is nurtured and moves smoothly toward buying your product or service.

    You can quickly locate the product in your CRM integrated with our inventory system. Likewise, manage all the billing and payment invoices before, during, or after product delivery. We aspire to make all your business activities upfront.

  • At Buopso, we offer the first user at no cost; you have to pay absolutely nothing. Get complete access to all our services without any hidden charges. Afterward, you can upgrade to our premium plan by adding more than one user to your portal. 

    We prioritize your success over anything else.

  • We understand the value and importance of your privacy. Hence, we put major emphasis on keeping your data protected by employing encryption methods during transmission and storage.


    Further, our protocol follows strict access controls to ensure only authorized personne