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Anti-Spam policy

Policy Against Spam

All Buopso Services that could be used to send out bulk emails or promotional emails are covered by this policy ("Covered Services").


To use Covered Services, you must consent to the Buopso Anti-Spam Policy. Only sending emails or communications to people from whom you have received express permission to do so is permitted when using covered services, such as permission-based email marketing. Regarding our Anti-Spam Policy, we take it very seriously. We retain the right to delete your user account if we find out that you are sending emails or messages to others without their consent.

The term "permission" refers to spoken, verifiable authorization that has been given to you. You can get permission to send commercial emails by:


  •  sending your email address while ordering something from your website or downloading something from it.

  •  Fill out a form on your website to subscribe to an email newsletter.

  •  Someone gave you their email address in exchange for taking part in one of your contests, events, or surveys, and you told them you would be sending them promotional emails.

  •  Any time someone filling out a form has checked an opt-in box indicating they are willing to hear from you via email, provided the box is checked by default and you have told the person that the emails will be commercial in nature.

  •  any business card offered by someone who has indicated a desire to receive emails with a commercial focus. In cases where a business card was left in your booth at a tradeshow, it will be assumed that you are willing to receive emails with a commercial bent.

According to the general guideline, "Do not use Covered Services to send mails or messages to email addresses to which you do not have express permission to send emails on the subject of the email." We demand strict adherence to the aforementioned guideline.


When we state 100%, we do not consider situations in which an email has been tagged as spam by the receiver despite the fact that you have explicit, verifiable permission to send emails to that email address. Keep in mind that if a recipient of an email chooses not to receive emails from you, that authorization is believed to have been cancelled.


You must in particular adhere to the regulations listed below, which make the aforementioned Rule of Thumb clear:


  •  You should acquire the recipient's express consent before contacting them on the topic of your email. You must keep adequate documentation proving that all recipients of emails you sent using Covered Services gave their consent.

  •  Regardless of any assurances of authorization or quality, you may not import or send emails to email addresses that you have obtained in any other way from a third party while utilising Covered Services. Furthermore, you must not import data into your Covered Services account or send emails to email addresses you have gathered from other websites.

  •  You must make sure that the routing and header information, such as the email addresses you use for "From" and "To," the originating domain name, and the email address, are correct and accurate.

  •  Subject lines that mislead the receiver about the message's contents or topic are prohibited.

  •  All emails must provide a one-click unsubscribe option, and you must stop sending emails to anybody who have unsubscribed or opted out of your mailing list. Within ten days of the request date, the request to remove oneself from the mailing list should be complied with.

  •  In all emails sent through Covered Services, you must include your current, physical postal address.

  •  All marketing communications must clearly state that they are advertisements or solicitations and offer the receiver the option to stop receiving future emails from you.

  • Regardless of whether you have sent marketing emails to the email addresses you have imported to your Covered Services, we reserve the right to demand that you demonstrate that you have express consent to send emails to those addresses.


You have unconditionally agreed to this Anti-Spam Policy by using Covered Services.


Please get in touch with our abuse department at: if you have any inquiries about our anti-spam policy or if you wish to report spamming activity by one of our clients.


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