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Dominate the Market with Buopso Real Estate  Software 

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with little investment 

 Manage  interactions with clients and prospects.

 Track  the property purchase progress and enhance communication with all the parties.

 Create  personalized campaigns based on buyer’s interests and property preferences.

CRM for Real Estate

 Capture  leads from – web forms, social media, and online catalogs.

 Assign  leads to specific agents in your team, managing expertise, specialization, and workload.

 Effectively  monitor lead conversion rates.

Lead Management for Real Estate

 Organize  tasks, deadlines, and documents for each property sale or purchase.

 Assign  tasks to the team, monitor updates, and track real-time progress.

 Eliminate  scattered information of a prospect and find them in one place.

Project Management for Real Estate

Every feature you need, in one platform

Buopso's software as a property management system

 Store  every real estate data - land, building, residence, property, etc 
 Directly  put them into property listing sites from Buopso
 Monitor  and assess, every property sold, bought, or rented.

Buopso Property Management System allows you to manage routine tasks like collecting rent, maintenance, requests, etc. It also centralizes all your property information in one location, so you don't have to juggle between multiple documents or spreadsheets.

Further, it eliminates errors and enhances resource allocation by streamlining processes and ensuring accurate data.

Buopso Makes Customers Happy


After using Buopso CRM for a month, I understood it's a game changer for us in managing our customer relationships workflow.

Alex Morgan

AM Digital

With Buopso's CRM intuitive interface, I finally feel in charge of easing tasks and improving my team's overall work experience.

Stacy Johnson

Rozo Inc.

Buopso keeps me organized, makes me aware of crucial client interactions, and supercharges my productivity. Loving it already!

Bill Hempson

Pluto Electronics

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Unlock efficiency with CRM for real estate.

Do you know that almost 60% of real estate agents who earn at least $100,000 a year use CRM software? Buopso’s CRM software for real estate can be specifically used by professionals and businesses in the real estate industry. It not only helps you manage your relationships with clients and stakeholders, but apart from all these basic CRM features, Buopso’s customization feature is what makes it special. 


Having software that you can tailor according to your specific needs is what Bupso’s CRM is all about.

Let us see some advanced features of Buopso’s CRM for Real Estate:


Add your own custom fields and workflows totally according to your business needs.


Buopso’s CRM can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.

Client management

Organize and manage your clients data, from their contact information to their property preferences; store all your data in a systematic format in Buopso’s CRM.

Track the progress

Keep a close eye on the progress of the deal. Automatically update the stage as soon as there is progress in the deal.