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Streamline  Legal  Cases with Buopso’s Software

Complete legal workflow management, including managing clients and paperwork and tracking your firm’s growth.

 Buopso’s  CRM centralizes every client’s information and allows to building of a personalized approach for every case, leading to repeat business and positive referrals.

Client Management

 As  per your firm’s policies, you can restrict the visibility of cases so that your team members and assigned lawyers get the right cases and serve clients as per their needs.

Access Controls

 Achieve  a clear view of all the ongoing cases, deadlines, and significant tasks in a single dashboard. It reduces bottlenecks and ensures everyone’s aware of case progress.

Visible Casework and Deadlines

Buopso’s software as a Legal Management System

 Store  every real estate data - land, building, residence, property, etc 
 Directly  put them into property listing sites from Buopso
 Monitor  and assess, every property sold, bought, or rented.

Law practices routinely handle a lot of cases. Without a proper system, information may likely get lost in the heaps of paper documents. This can result in clients missing out the potential clients as they won’t get the attention needed.


Buopso’s “Legal Management System” lets you administer prospects’ data, make strong relations with clients, oversee tasks assigned, and provide many other benefits.

Build better client relationships using Buopso’s CRM for legal cases and matters

Managing clients for law firms and legal professionals includes maintaining relationships, keeping past interactions, tracking cases, etc.


Like any other company that needs new customers to grow their business, law firms also need to sign new clients to keep everything running swiftly.


Buopso’s law firm CRM accelerates case management-related tasks adds value to your business and makes smooth operations.


Let’s take a look at how Buopso’s CRM makes the work of law experts easier

Buopso Makes Customers Happy


After using Buopso CRM for a month, I understood it's a game changer for us in managing our customer relationships workflow.

Alex Morgan

AM Digital

With Buopso's CRM intuitive interface, I finally feel in charge of easing tasks and improving my team's overall work experience.

Stacy Johnson

Rozo Inc.

Buopso keeps me organized, makes me aware of crucial client interactions, and supercharges my productivity. Loving it already!

Bill Hempson

Pluto Electronics

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