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Automate  Telecom  Services with Buopso’s Software

Handle entire telecom operations - like sales, marketing, customer service, network management, and more.

 Buopso’s  CRM helps telecom providers in identifying to upsell and cross-sell products and services to existing customers. This facilitates more revenue from clientele.

Up Selling & Cross Selling

 With  Buopso CRM, you can find customers who are at risk of churn, create personalized experiences, and take other necessary steps to retain them.

Customer Churn

 You’ll  find all the service and complaint tickets of your customers in one place. It lets you focus on the most crucial ones, or as per the policies.

Service Tickets

Buopso’s software as a Telecom Management System

 Store  every real estate data - land, building, residence, property, etc 
 Directly  put them into property listing sites from Buopso
 Monitor  and assess, every property sold, bought, or rented.

Buopso software solutions cover every aspect when it comes to the maintenance, optimization, and growth of your telecom company. From cold sales to customer support, from gathering contact details to the last service history, from rolling out the initial network infrastructure to tracking project milestones, from managing approvals for contracts with customers to streamlining internal processes, Buopso caters to all the needs of your telecom organization.

Enhance your customer satisfaction with Buopso’s Customer Relationship Management Software

Providing efficient and fast service is a must for telecom companies. They need a comprehensive system that their employees can use which possesses a user-friendly interface, automated processes, and streamlined operations. Boupso’s customer relationship management software assists your company in accomplishing those goals.


Buopso’s CRM helps in managing multiple pipelines, be it sales, customer service, or technical support. It also helps in marketing where you can identify high-value customers and do targeted campaigns.


Let’s take a look at some of the significant benefits of Buopso CRM

Buopso Makes Customers Happy


After using Buopso CRM for a month, I understood it's a game changer for us in managing our customer relationships workflow.

Alex Morgan

AM Digital

With Buopso's CRM intuitive interface, I finally feel in charge of easing tasks and improving my team's overall work experience.

Stacy Johnson

Rozo Inc.

Buopso keeps me organized, makes me aware of crucial client interactions, and supercharges my productivity. Loving it already!

Bill Hempson

Pluto Electronics

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What you will get

Phone inquiry support
Detailed project consultation
Expert project advice
Personalized assistance

Once the leads have been captured, leads are distributed automatically to the right sales representatives, based on criteria like preferences, demographics, and delegation.

Efficient Sales

Better Response Time

Buopso’s LMS ends the hassle of manually sorting leads. It ensures prompt follow-up by alerting reps and prioritizing leads based on factors like urgency or potential value.

Enhanced Lead Nurturing

Buopso’s lead management system allows for target communications for effective lead nurturing by catering to the prospect’s needs, interests, and choices.

Data-driven Decisions

Telecom companies can make future decisions on lead management as Buopso helps with analyzing metrics like lead source, rep performance, and conversion rates.

A Holistic Lead Management Solution for Telecom Industries

Onboarding new customers is crucial for business success. And the first step after generating interest in prospects from campaigns, marketing, etc is to have a fresh lead. Converting these leads presents the next challenge for the sales team.


Now, ease out any concerns regarding managing valuable leads of your business. Buopso’s lead management takes care of the complete sales funnel.


Learn below how

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Be a game changer with Buopso.

Telecom companies often deal with tedious tasks like deploying and upgrading network infrastructure, service implementation - installing equipment, checking feasibility, network configuration, and various others.


And, managing all of this without a proper platform in place is like flying blind.


Buopso offers a dedicated platform for managing all the tasks and projects for your telecom project management. 


Below are the advantages of deploying Buopso’s project management system

Manage Complex Tasks and Tight Deadlines with Buopso’s Project Management System

 Get  a clear picture of all the tasks and projects in the system, the resources available, the communication, etc. It allows transparency in tracking progress.

 Buopso’s  project management software automates tasks by indicating resources allocated and available, promoting proper utilization of telecom staff.

 Team  members can have a smooth communication channel where they can share documents, updates, and conversations for better project efficiency.

 When  you make successful project completions, your customers will have a lasting impression. Buopso’s project management system ensures the project meets the customer's requirements.

Throughout different stages of projects and operations, telecom companies deal with a lot of approvals. Like network upgrades, launching a product, or process improvements, which fall under project approvals. Then there are marketing approvals - price changes, new product launches, campaigns, etc.


Without a functional approval management system, the efficacy may fall short and not hit the target.


Buopso’s approval management system makes this authorization process smoother and saves time.


Let’s learn how

Bring Efficiency and Speed with Buopso’s Approval Management System

Manual approvals can cause delays when dealing with different departments. Buopso’s approval management software routes requests to the appropriate approvers, saving time at every interaction.

Streamline Approvals

Buopso’s AMS caters to strong policies like high-priority cases or escalations that can be first reviewed and approved by the team leader or manager before moving to the next step.

Robust Adherence

Track the progress of every approval in real-time. It helps managers or authorized persons to check the approval submission date, how long it’s been in each stage, etc.

Monitor Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Buopso CRM helps telecom companies manage customer accounts, track service requests, and personalize communication. It improves customer satisfaction by providing a central hub for all customer interactions.

  • Buopso helps capture leads from web forms, inbound calls, and industry events. It qualifies leads by scoring them based on set criteria, allowing sales teams to prioritize high-potential leads for faster conversion into subscribers.

  • Yes! Buopso automates approval workflows for infrastructure upgrades. It routes requests to relevant departments (engineering, finance) for faster approvals, keeping projects on track.

  • Buopso's project management features help telecom companies plan deployments, assign tasks to field technicians, and track progress in real-time. This ensures efficient execution and on-time completion of network installations.

  • Yes, Buopso offers open APIs for seamless integration with billing systems, provisioning tools, and other software used by telecom companies, creating a unified platform for managing operations.

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