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About Us

Building Interactions. Entrusting Growth.

Buopso journeys to decipher the business complications, operating workflow, and staging lasting accomplishments - embedded in our unified software.

Nurturing Excellence for Businesses since

A flair of inspiration raised the birth of our synergistic startup company in July 2020. Led by audacious pioneer brain – Dr Puru Dhawan, our journey began.

As the roots of our inception started budding, we embraced perseverance as our driving force and voyage on a journey with a unified motive – making business workflow smooth.

The foundation of our venture was to shape a reality that solves the complexities of the business world. Filled with overcoming significant hurdles and building the essence of daring to stand at the keystone of excellence.


Buopso’s relentless quest of transitioning the commerce world had its obstacles. But every step of the way was forged with – belief, determination, and resilience, ensuring streamlined efficiency. We had the vision to make our own integrated system that has the potential to eliminate several setbacks that came in between the prosperity of businesses’ success. 

In our inception year, we strived diligently. With every barrier we’ve faced, every challenge we’ve embraced, and every stone turned into an opportunity, our expedition commenced.


A Vision from a Doctor.

Every journey has a story, and in 2020, Dr. Puru Dhawan, a doctor, sensed a gap in managing the business's leads. It is where the foundation of a revolutionary story began, formed on the belief of nurturing relationships even in industry and enhancing customer management systems.
Year after year, the foundation grew bigger and bigger, making way for customer relationships, inventories, approvals, invoices, product listings, and human resources. The goal was to create remarkable business interactions, merging healthcare insights with innovation.


Our Philosophy

Creating a productive and efficient work-life balance is the heartbeat of our ideology. Crafting a perfect harmony & consistency between the professional space and individualism manifesto is what we believe, leading our employees to achieve encompassing success.

Our Vision

Fueling Progress, One Connection at a Time - Unleashing Unmatched Efficiency and Satisfaction for Tomorrow's Success!


We are forever committed to transforming the way businesses connect with their customers. Our roots are deeply ingrained in the revolutionary idea of altering the traditional touchpoints, and even now, our ultimate goal is to arouse a culture centered on satisfying your customers' every exigency. By making minor enhancements to the flexibility and customizability of our powerful system, you have the keys to bolster your business efficacy. Imagine a world where operational excellence and customer satisfaction aren't isolated entities but a harmonious coexistence. This is the vision BUOPSO brings to life—a vision of a brighter and prosperous tomorrow.

Our Mission

BUOPSO: Embracing a New Era of Customer-Centricity

As we navigate today's world, where businesses thrive on building strong relationships with customers, one reality shines clear as day: the power lies in the hands of the customer. We completely understand this shift of balance and have built our entire philosophy around it. Our mission is simple and straightforward: We believe in allowing the customer to lead. We honour their feelings, their experiences and their journey. Gone are the days of confusion and mess. With BUOPSO, you will not have to worry about missing out or tirelessly chasing after your customers. We offer an all-encompassing view of your business environment and commit ourselves to supporting you until you reach breakout success.

Life @ 

Witness the vibrant atmosphere at Buopso! Our unified business solution. With flexible work hours, rigid determination, and a collaborative team – we strive to build remarkable work projects. The environment that lets you nurture innovation and creativity by orchestrating the symphony of intrinsic work-life balance. Join Buopso and give direction to your story of excellence!